Red Bull Buttercup, Big Boulder, PA – February 18, 2011

Big Boulder, PA – just like Mountain Creek – is a smaller resort just a short drive from either NYC or Philly that breeds urban riders.  The park crew here is insane, doing whatever they can to bring their setups to the next level.  This was going to be a nightime jam, so when we showed up the morning of, the course was a wreck.  Snow was all over the place, kids were shoveling, and we had no idea what was in store.  All we knew was that none of the features were up and we still had a ton of other things to get done.  After a few hours, the course took shape with some extra time to harden.  In the end, the four buttercup features existed, along with a butterpad set sideways down a stairset, a wallride at the end, and the infamous buttercup features were atop risers throughout the course.  Take this setup and add the creativity of Big Boulder locals and the contest was going to be a good one.

We pulled the Red Bull MXT up along the side of the course, popped up the Oakley 15 x 15 dome tent right behind it, and laced it out once again with tables, chairs, stickers, and Red Bull product.  As soon as it was up, kids were sitting inside, glued to playing Xbox from the back of the MXT.  The DJ turned up the tunes, the competition started, and everyone’s fun switch turned on.  People were poaching the course, dancing around, and throwing high-fives left and right to their fellow competitors.  The competition ended with a slew of prizes from Oakley as well as some extra product going out in a swag toss.

A special shoutout goes to Miles Fallon for deservedly winning the grom category throwing big spins and butters (he almost took the Amateur division too) as well as for pulling out a terriffic Dougie during awards. I would also like to thank Mark Martinez from Albany, NY for making it out to every stop of the Red Bull Buttercup in the Northeast and for making the podium at most of them.  When we interviewed him back at Loon, NH, this is what he had to say about the contest, “I love this event, because when I go riding I’m more about doing really tech buttery tricks on everything than getting crazy on the gnarlliest down bar i can find–this is the place for me! This is a contest based solely on your pressing, control, and ability. That’s why it so cool.”

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For more photos, please click HERE.


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